Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shabby Chic Party

I love the look of a shabby chic party and this one is just adorable from Kara's Party Ideas.  You can see the entire post here .

We are beginning the planning  of my little girls 7th birthday party, we are going with a vintage ballerina theme, and I think some of these elements would be perfect.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creating off of Pinterest

We had a few little friends over yesterday and we decided to do a little Valentine craft.  I saw a post in Pinterest where you use a pencil eraser to create polka dot paint projects.  It looked like a lot of fun and something that five to seven year olds would be able to handle.  They did a great job.

Here is the original post on Pinterest .  We decided to do Valentines Cards which are going to be for teachers and parents, and I did a t-shirt for my little girl.

I thought they turned out quite nicely.  I hung them in my window to let them dry and decided they looked so cute as Valentine decorations.  I plan on having the girls back over to finish their cards but might have to wait until just before Valentines day.

I also made this cute garland to hang on my mantle mirror.  I'm not a big fan of the colors red and pink so I don't go crazy with decorations for this holiday in spite of the fact that it's my daughters favorite holiday.

I love how this turned out.  I have seen them in all of the party blogs and then a friend made one for a photo shoot.  I just loved how simple it looked.  I think it looks great here and might have to make another one for Easter.


Happy New Year!!

So, it's already the end of January and I am just getting around to wishing a Happy New Year.
Better late than never.

I took a long break from writing.  I was trying to decide what to do.  I wasn't really engaged.  When you start a blog you start for many different reasons.  For me, I thought it was a way to document anything and everything.  I love to be creative, I love interiors, I wanted to have a journal of family events, I wanted to document my baking business, and so on.  I didn't start this blog hoping that it would have financial reward, but more for myself, and having readers was a bonus.  When I took the break I realized I was a bit tired of writing a blog.  I found myself having to search for things to post about.  I just wanted to disconnect from technology for a while.

I decided, quite recently, that I really missed this blog and wanted to start posting again.  I found myself recalling past posts and it made me realize that I did enjoy it.  I am going to post at my pace and not feel compelled to put something down every day.

I also plan to post about and combine my baking business, Leslie's Flour Shop, with this blog.  I might make some changes to my blog name down the road but for now it will be a melting pot of all things me.

If you were a past reader and you are still with me, Thank You!  If I gain new readers that will be a plus.  There really is something to this blogging thing!  I've missed you.


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