Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Gingerbread house fun!

Have a fun day.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Christmas Decor, and New Favorite Blogs

Merry Christmas. It's Almost Here. I will be stepping away from my blog while I celebrate the holidays with my family. We will be spending Christmas at home and then traveling to visit family out of town. I'm looking forward to the down time and spending time with family.

Before I go I wanted to share some pretty holiday decor images with you. Maybe some ideas for next year. I know I have a few new ones.

Vintage Junky Blog
I love vintage things, and I like to have a few vintage things mixed in to my home decor. I think it adds such a nice touch and I love the history of things. I came across this blog and it touched at my vintage side. I love the sweetness of this home.

Dear Lilly Blogspot
I came across this beautiful blog while I was roaming around blogs last night. I'm not sure how I found it but I am so glad that I did. Her styling is impeccable. Everything is so pretty. I can't imagine having little ones in this house. And not only are the decorations so pretty she is a great photographer because the pictures are amazing. I think my favorites things about this home is the photo garland hung with clothes pins in the window, the decorations in the little girls rooms, and the hot chocolate area. And that tree is just beautiful. I love the simple look of the decorations and even though there is a lot it looks really understated. Just beautiful.

Both of these blogs have been added to my favorites list and they both have shops where you can buy many of the items they have in their homes. Check them out here and here.

Only two more days until Christmas.

I Hope You Have A Wonderful Holiday. Thank you to all of me readers and followers for great year. I wish you all the best this holiday season! See ya in the new year!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fa La La La La Merry Christmas To Me.....

So, I might be the only one that goes to the mall after they have all of their shopping done. Am I Crazy? I realized that I hadn't hit the mall once, and, well, I love the hustle and bustle and festive feeling of the mall during the holidays. Not to mention the deals. So off we went. It was a great experience. We found a parking space up close, didn't have to hardly wait in line (except for at Starbucks), and found some great deals. It was nice. We just strolled along watching all of the others in their last minute shopping frenzy.

Here are the deals I found.

Dessert bowls from Anthropologie for 47 cents each. Yep! Originally $2.50.

I love this little dress and thankfully I live in Florida and can probably wear it Christmas day if I wanted too. It will look adorable with jeans, worn with flip flops or even my new Simple tennis shoes that are below.
Anthropologie $20.00

I have seen these at one of my favorite boutique shops and then a friend had them on one day and raved about them. After some research I found that they are no longer being made. I found these for $39. They were normally $59.99. So a pretty good deal.
Simple Tennis Shoes

I plan on spending most of the day in my Christmas pj's, eating Christmas treats, and doing fun Christmas things with the little one. We are going to make lollipop treats, reindeer dust, and build our gingerbread house. Fun! This is the day that I have been waiting for all week.

This is what my breakfast looks like this morning.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting "it" together and Party Dress Magazine

I love this new online magazine/resource Party Dress Magazine. Beautiful ideas. It's a great place for party, event, even home decor ideas.

Check out these holiday styles. I love the last one with the winter sparkle.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by the creativity and organization of some of my friends. You know the type? The ones whose homes are perfectly decorated. Children are perfectly styled. Families are enjoying perfect events. I have come across a couple of those this week. I am in envy and wonder how do they do it? I sometimes feel the need to keep up. See, I don't have a "keep up with the Jones'" for things and status. But when I come across someone who has it "together" and seem to do it effortlessly I am in awe. These pictures bring on that desire. While Christmas planning and doing is just about over, I can look forward to my littles birthday party and I am going to use this site to get it "together".

Happy day!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend, Christmas Decorations, and Family Pictures Preview

We got our pictures back from our family photo shoot, (the photo shoot that I won with a fantastic photographer, Thanks Melody) and here is a sneak peak. I will show you some more in a later post. They really turned out great.

We had a crazy busy weekend. We had a Christmas party play date on Thursday after school. The last day before Winter Break. It was great to see friends, and have some yummy food. On a down note we had a trampoline accident. My little girl climbed to the outside of the net (I only took my eyes away for a second) when I looked up. I thought she was trying to get down, when she flew off. It happened so quickly. She fell on her bottom on to a piece of wood that bordered a flower garden area. Her crying out for "mommy" pulled at my heart. Luckily she was ok, aside some pain and a HUGE bruise that has colored her left "tukkus". There will be no more trampolines in our future. Too dangerous.

We went to Disney on Friday to see the decorations and enjoy the festive spirit. I loved it except for being stranded on the monorail for nearly an hour. Yikes! And I am claustrophobic. Not a good combination. But the Disney nostalgia could not be beat.

On Saturday, my hubby surprised me with a spa day with my little lady. Our first mommy daughter day at the spa. We both got pedicures with festive holiday paint color. Much fun. Though looking at the picture, her leg and foot look almost as big as mine, she's six! We also went out to see Christmas lights. After a warm bath and comfy pi's, we were set, then fifteen minutes in she was asleep.

On Sunday I finished my last cookie order for the year. Yummy decorated sugar cookies, rosemary butter cookies, chocolate orange crisps, and fudge. Yum! Many hours standing. I can't wait for the break.

And I finally took some pictures of our Christmas decorations. Simple this year. One thing that I love to do is to hang framed pictures from my tree. and this year I am starting to add framed artwork that my little draws (an idea that I got from a very creative friend of my, Thanks Melody).

That's "Star" our Elf hanging out.

The makings of "Reindeer Dust". A tradition. One part Oatmeal with lots of festive glitter sprinkled in. She loves this tradition of sprinkling the reindeer "food" on the lawn. The reindeer smell the oatmeal and the glitter catches Santa's eye.

The Christmas Card Winner! I love this shot. Love this family!

We have a busy week ahead. Things still to do,
Make gingerbread house, Watch Christmas shows - Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming to town and Santa Buddies, Watch It's a Wonderful Life, Make Chocolate Chip Cookies, Visit St. Augustine - the Oldest City in America and take a carriage ride, Have a festive family dinner out, Make Christmas crafts for our little friends. Light the fireplace and read Christmas Stories, Take a twilight walk to see neighborhood lights. Try our best not to get sick - it seems everyone around us is. Lot's to do, but it's the relaxing stuff.

What do you have on your to do list?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday and Sweet Holiday Treet

Our winter break starts today. Yay! My hubby is also off for the next two weeks! Yay again! We are setting off today to check out the Christmas Decorations at Mickey's house. As long as we have lived here I haven't seen the Christmas decorations at Magic Kingdom so I am really excited about that. Then the rest of the weekend and next week will be fun stuff. Wrapping presents, baking, crafting, watching Christmas movies, and sipping hot chocolate. I have to prepare early every year. This is great.

I know next week we will have time to make these sweet treasures.

These little gems are too "sweet". They are just too adorable and such an easy idea. I found these via Daisy's World here. They seem pretty easy to make, the recipe sounds delicious, yet they could be made even easier by using store bought whipped cream. I'm just saying!

I love a great little holiday dessert. They would be really pretty at a party on a dessert table.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Greige Christmas

Beautiful images. Right? The tree is sparse but so pretty. I love the silver. Love it. And I especially like that the home doesn't have to be showered in the traditional red and green to look festive. I've tried the less is more approach this year. Eliminating a lot of our traditional Christmas decorations trading it out for a more natural feel. I added a driftwood shaped Christmas tree, some silver accents, starfish garland, frosty painted pinecones, and some glass accents.

I dream one day, though, that my home would photograph like this one does. I'll use this as inspiration and add a few coastal elements in there. Perfect!


This brings me to a topic that I have been pondering around Christmas time. I'm not sure how I feel about a themed, adult, tree. I wonder what to do with all of my daughters crafted christmas gifts. I love the idea of a simple elegant tree but don't want to leave her out. i try to keep my decorations simple, yet fun for her, but not sure what to do with those cute ornaments she has been bringing home since pre-school. Like the ones with the little handprints, the plastic ornaments with their sweet pictures on them, or those fun colorful ones made out of dough. Wish I had the room for two trees. Problem solved.

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