Monday, December 19, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend, Christmas Decorations, and Family Pictures Preview

We got our pictures back from our family photo shoot, (the photo shoot that I won with a fantastic photographer, Thanks Melody) and here is a sneak peak. I will show you some more in a later post. They really turned out great.

We had a crazy busy weekend. We had a Christmas party play date on Thursday after school. The last day before Winter Break. It was great to see friends, and have some yummy food. On a down note we had a trampoline accident. My little girl climbed to the outside of the net (I only took my eyes away for a second) when I looked up. I thought she was trying to get down, when she flew off. It happened so quickly. She fell on her bottom on to a piece of wood that bordered a flower garden area. Her crying out for "mommy" pulled at my heart. Luckily she was ok, aside some pain and a HUGE bruise that has colored her left "tukkus". There will be no more trampolines in our future. Too dangerous.

We went to Disney on Friday to see the decorations and enjoy the festive spirit. I loved it except for being stranded on the monorail for nearly an hour. Yikes! And I am claustrophobic. Not a good combination. But the Disney nostalgia could not be beat.

On Saturday, my hubby surprised me with a spa day with my little lady. Our first mommy daughter day at the spa. We both got pedicures with festive holiday paint color. Much fun. Though looking at the picture, her leg and foot look almost as big as mine, she's six! We also went out to see Christmas lights. After a warm bath and comfy pi's, we were set, then fifteen minutes in she was asleep.

On Sunday I finished my last cookie order for the year. Yummy decorated sugar cookies, rosemary butter cookies, chocolate orange crisps, and fudge. Yum! Many hours standing. I can't wait for the break.

And I finally took some pictures of our Christmas decorations. Simple this year. One thing that I love to do is to hang framed pictures from my tree. and this year I am starting to add framed artwork that my little draws (an idea that I got from a very creative friend of my, Thanks Melody).

That's "Star" our Elf hanging out.

The makings of "Reindeer Dust". A tradition. One part Oatmeal with lots of festive glitter sprinkled in. She loves this tradition of sprinkling the reindeer "food" on the lawn. The reindeer smell the oatmeal and the glitter catches Santa's eye.

The Christmas Card Winner! I love this shot. Love this family!

We have a busy week ahead. Things still to do,
Make gingerbread house, Watch Christmas shows - Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming to town and Santa Buddies, Watch It's a Wonderful Life, Make Chocolate Chip Cookies, Visit St. Augustine - the Oldest City in America and take a carriage ride, Have a festive family dinner out, Make Christmas crafts for our little friends. Light the fireplace and read Christmas Stories, Take a twilight walk to see neighborhood lights. Try our best not to get sick - it seems everyone around us is. Lot's to do, but it's the relaxing stuff.

What do you have on your to do list?



  1. Super cute Christmas cards! We just got moved this past wkend and went out tonight to check out all the Christmas light in town. The little one was out before we hit the end of our street next year will be crazy with him!! I hope you get to do all you Christmas to do list before Christmas! Love the decorations!


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