Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fa La La La La Merry Christmas To Me.....

So, I might be the only one that goes to the mall after they have all of their shopping done. Am I Crazy? I realized that I hadn't hit the mall once, and, well, I love the hustle and bustle and festive feeling of the mall during the holidays. Not to mention the deals. So off we went. It was a great experience. We found a parking space up close, didn't have to hardly wait in line (except for at Starbucks), and found some great deals. It was nice. We just strolled along watching all of the others in their last minute shopping frenzy.

Here are the deals I found.

Dessert bowls from Anthropologie for 47 cents each. Yep! Originally $2.50.

I love this little dress and thankfully I live in Florida and can probably wear it Christmas day if I wanted too. It will look adorable with jeans, worn with flip flops or even my new Simple tennis shoes that are below.
Anthropologie $20.00

I have seen these at one of my favorite boutique shops and then a friend had them on one day and raved about them. After some research I found that they are no longer being made. I found these for $39. They were normally $59.99. So a pretty good deal.
Simple Tennis Shoes

I plan on spending most of the day in my Christmas pj's, eating Christmas treats, and doing fun Christmas things with the little one. We are going to make lollipop treats, reindeer dust, and build our gingerbread house. Fun! This is the day that I have been waiting for all week.

This is what my breakfast looks like this morning.


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