Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day Ideas

Hello Monday.  We had a low key family weekend this weekend and it actually just ended.  

We had an extra day off of school today so I took my daughter to Disney.  We didn't hit the parks this time we just went to Downtown Disney.  There are lots of themed restaurants and fun shops, not just Disney shops, so it was fun.  The weather was beautiful too.  We enjoyed lunch at T-Rex, had italian ice next to the lake and took in some fun shopping.  We also hit the outlet mall and a few of my favorite stores.   A perfect mother daughter day.

I also put together a Mothers Day gift list.  Great ideas of gifts to give and receive.  My favorites are probably the top five.  

I really want to read this book by Kelle Hampton, Bloom.  I love her blog and her story about her daughter and can't wait to read her memoir.  She's a beautiful writer and I'm sure that this book will not disappoint.  Check out her blog at

Kelle Hampton Memoir Bloom

I love these sandals though I have yet to own a pair.  I know a lot of people who have them.  They are made in Key West.  They are inexpensive and super cute plus they are super durable.  They seem to last forever.

Kino Sandals

I love, LOVE this shirt dress.  I love a good shirt dress.  They are so versatile, they can be worn over jeans or pants, as a swim suit cover or as a dress.  I really love this Ikat print and color.  This is probably my top choice.

I have a pair of lounge pants from Anthropologie that I have had for about five years and they are the most comfortable pair of pants.  This pair is super cute.  I love the print and the wide legs.  You just can't go wrong.

I have wanted a straw beach hat for some time.  I tried this one on in the store and loved it.  I didn't buy it but really want a hat for the beach.  This is my second choice.

This is a really pretty tunic.  The fabric is very light and airy.  Perfect for summer and spring weather.

Super cute bathing suit from JCrew.  I love the colors and the print and the fuller coverage bottoms.  Just super pretty.

I am loving beaded jewelry lately and love all of the colors in this one plus the double strand.  It would be so cute with a t-shirt and jeans or to dress up a simple black dress.  Classic.

Have a great week.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Isn't spring so beautiful?  This door just beckons to go outside and explore.   Would love to see the city in Spring.

Have a great weekend.  


Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Market Love

Have you been to World Market lately?  I love this store.  They have great furniture, accessories, and fun foods and wine.

It's a one stop shop and recently they have added some cute beach-y vacation clothes that are really cute.

I was in recently and found this little gem, a metal hammered coffee table.  Where could I put this?  It's a bit pricey at $299.00 but certainly worth it.

Here are a few other things that I am loving.....

I would love these chairs in my breakfast area.   They would look great around my round wood table.

I have lots of these but if you are in the market for great candle holders you can't beat the price on these.

This is one of my favorite console table finds.  I love the light wood mixed with the metal and the casters too.  

This table would look great in any room.  

I love this pretty vignette.  Very colorful and summery.  Would love to sit here and have a margarita.  That blue is my favorite shad of blue.  Sometimes wish I were so bold with my color choices in my home.  Maybe my beach bungalow one of these days.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi.  I'm back for What I Wore Wednesday.   I am linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy again this week positing my outfits for the week (though these outfits weren't actually worn this week).  The  weather has been interesting here, just like the rest of the country I guess.  We had really warm 90 degree days last week and this week we have lows in the 40's and 50's.   That's really low for Florida this time of year.  Not to worry though, I am adapting to the change in weather. 

Please excuse the "extras" showing up in the mirror. 

Top - Kohl's
Shorts - Old Navy
Sandals - Old Navy

Dress - Kohl's
Sandals - Target

Stripe Top - TJ Maxx
Jeans - Target
Sandals - Target

Love the new season for the new clothes.


The Look for Less

A few weeks ago I posted about an outfit at Anthropologie that I loved with one of this Springs trends, colored jeans.  While out of my price range, I found this cute outfit at Target, that is very similar, for a fraction of the price.

Here is the original outfit from Anthropologie.

I think it's a really great second.


Monday, April 23, 2012

An unintended break

I am back from an unintended break. I was extremely busy the week of Easter and the week after I just didn't have the energy or the inspiration to blog. With that, and computer issues, I took a little break. But I am back with lots of great upcoming posts. Here are a few pictures of what I was up to

During my break we colored eggs, had Easter dinner with friends, went on a field trip with my daughter, spent a family day at the beach and had dinner at our favorite crab shack, I also did a lot of baking and had an interesting experience at the Apple store.

Quickly, here is my funny moment. I have been experiencing problems with my computer locking up on me. One day I was uploading pictures and it locked up again. I forced shut my computer down and when I brought it back up my I photo had crashed and I lost all of my pictures. No worries though, I back it up regularly and also upload pictures to an internet site, just to be sure and thank goodness I have that practice. Anyhow, off to the Apple store we go. Thankfully the technician, though a bit snarky,was able to solve my problem and retrieve my pictures. He was working with several customers at the same time and had my computer at the counter that is utilized by many techs, and if you haven't ever been to an Apple store,about a hundred customers standing around. So as he was able to retrieve my pictures he was also able to find the pictures that I was loading from my camera when it crashed. There for EVERYONE to see were about thirty pictures that I had taken of myself for What I Wore Wednesday flashing on the screen as they were retrieved. I was a bit mortified thinking all of those people were going to think that I was really IN to myself. The damage was done, people did notice, I didn't explain, I just held my head high. When it finished, red faced, I grabbed my computer, thanked the technician and headed straight to my car.

 That sums up the last few weeks. I am glad to be back.

 Have a great Monday.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tom Kat Studio Free Easter Banner

Have you ever heard of TomKat Studios?

They create some wonderful party inspirations setting up dessert tables and also offering a full line of printables for all of your party needs.

I love their blog and their Etsy shop.

Well, they have created a beautiful Easter Brunch post for HGTV Blog and are offering a free Easter Banner. It's so sweet! I think it's adorable and I can't wait to hang it in my home and thought you would enjoy it as well.

The post has inspired me so much that I am going to create my own Easter Brunch for my family. Who cares if it's just the three of us, we deserve a pretty display on such a special occasion.

Be sure to check out Tomkat Studios blog here.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tangerine Jewelry Shop

I love this new on-line jewelry store, the Tangerine Jewelry Shop. The colors and stones are so pretty and the simplicity of the looks I really love. And I really love the affordable prices.

Such a pretty gift for Easter or Mothers Day.

These are some of my favorite pieces but there are so many things to choose from it's so hard to decide. Right now they are offering 10% off of your order. Go here to start your shopping list.

Okay, I can't close this post with out acknowledging the new NCAA National Champions. A bit "Way To Go" to the Kentucky Wildcats for taking the title. My home town is in an uproar with excitement! We love our basketball in Lexington! Go cats!!!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

We had a mostly beautiful weekend here. Lots of family time. We had an Easter party on Friday afternoon and then our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning.

It was wonderfully sweet.

This is my favorite event that my neighborhood puts on. It's sweet, age appropriate, and fun. Gives me that southern feel.

My little lady did a great job. She has in the past been somewhat meek at the egg hunting sport. She would look and point excited to see the eggs while another child swooped in and would take them. Last year, with my help, really just support, she got a meek 6 eggs. This year I vowed to let her do it, she's old enough I know. I do.

After only a few "go left" now "look right" my husband and I looked at each other and said we, ok I, have to stop and let her do it.

She scored 15 eggs. Way to go girlie!!!

The morning was full of crafts, games, face painting, egg hunting, Easter bunny visiting, animal petting...

...and yummy sugar treats (why not every once in a while).

Saturday evening we had a family Final Four party, set with yummy party food, blue attire, and lots of excitement.

My Kentucky Wildcats pulled it off and beat our rival the University of Louisville. T

he only thing better is if I had actually been there in person. The game was great and the excitement could not be beat!

Way to go cats!! We'll be cheering them on tonight to win the NCAA Championship!!!

Way to go CATS!!!
Have a great Monday.

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