Monday, April 23, 2012

An unintended break

I am back from an unintended break. I was extremely busy the week of Easter and the week after I just didn't have the energy or the inspiration to blog. With that, and computer issues, I took a little break. But I am back with lots of great upcoming posts. Here are a few pictures of what I was up to

During my break we colored eggs, had Easter dinner with friends, went on a field trip with my daughter, spent a family day at the beach and had dinner at our favorite crab shack, I also did a lot of baking and had an interesting experience at the Apple store.

Quickly, here is my funny moment. I have been experiencing problems with my computer locking up on me. One day I was uploading pictures and it locked up again. I forced shut my computer down and when I brought it back up my I photo had crashed and I lost all of my pictures. No worries though, I back it up regularly and also upload pictures to an internet site, just to be sure and thank goodness I have that practice. Anyhow, off to the Apple store we go. Thankfully the technician, though a bit snarky,was able to solve my problem and retrieve my pictures. He was working with several customers at the same time and had my computer at the counter that is utilized by many techs, and if you haven't ever been to an Apple store,about a hundred customers standing around. So as he was able to retrieve my pictures he was also able to find the pictures that I was loading from my camera when it crashed. There for EVERYONE to see were about thirty pictures that I had taken of myself for What I Wore Wednesday flashing on the screen as they were retrieved. I was a bit mortified thinking all of those people were going to think that I was really IN to myself. The damage was done, people did notice, I didn't explain, I just held my head high. When it finished, red faced, I grabbed my computer, thanked the technician and headed straight to my car.

 That sums up the last few weeks. I am glad to be back.

 Have a great Monday.


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