Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have a great start to summer

I'm not going to be able to blog for a little while. There is a lot going on. I will be doing lots of fun things to start the summer and will be back on-line in a few weeks to share some pics.

I will leave you with some images of great summer style for your home. These are from CountryLiving.com and CoastalLiving.com. I love them all, the weathered, easy, comfortable feel of all of these rooms. I love the bathroom with the red bathtub. I'm not a huge fan of red but love this picture. The check curtains and the painted claw foot tub are wonderful. I also love the gallery wall with the weathered frames and the bathroom hook wall with the polka dot towels. Doesn't that scream summer living? I love the huge, wire framed, globe pendant hanging over the dining table. I love the scale and simplicity of it, oh what a huge statement it makes. And you simply can't argue with the view from most of these pictures. So picturesque. I hope to one day have a view like this. One Day!

Have a great start to summer. See ya in June~


Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Magnolia

Have a Happy Friday. Remember to "Stop and Smell the Magnolia's"!

It's the time of year when the Magnolia trees are blooming. The smell is so sweet and aromatic around my yard. I have a huge tree in my front yard and I love to pick the blooms and bring them in. They make my house smell so sweet and southern!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looks for summer

I found some really cute looks today and seem to find something just about anywhere. Great prices too since they were all bought at Walmart. All pieces are made out of organic cotton. You just can't go wrong.

I have been looking for a bag like this for a while. I love the one strap, metal detail and canvas fabric. So casual, beachy and so chic. It looks very J Crew. It was only $14 and they had several styles and they came in this khaki, a stone color and black. Very cute.

This top is a chambray with crochet trim. It fit really great and was only $8.

I have been looking for a cute sundress like this at places like Gap, Ann Taylor loft and Old Navy and haven't found anything I liked quite like this. I was so excited, especially at the price it was only $12.

Cute comfortable t-shirt dress. I love the rope detailing. Very cute on and will look great with the canvas tennies below. Only $9 on sale.

Cute tennies found in kids department, but the sizes go pretty high and I found my size. They are super cute and only $9.

A few weeks ago I posted about Nautical Style. I found these great nautical looks for kids, also at Walmart, at really great prices. I just love that such cute things can be found without having to spend a fortune. These kids looks are adorable and range in price from $5 to $8. The cute sundress is only $5.

I love the sweet look for little girls. These looks would give Gap Kids, Gymboree and Children's Place a run for their money. I don't care where I buy clothes as long as they are cute. Especially kids clothes, they really only last one season and it's much better when you don't spend too much.

Find some nautical pieces for your summer wardrobe. You can't go wrong. They are ALWAYS in style.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Good afternoon! This is my 100th post. Yay! I know I have a few followers and I would like to Thank You all. I am looking for more followers, so if you like what you see, and I have inspired you in any way, please tell your friends and family about my blog. Also, I would love to hear comments about my posts. Please feel free to add comments and let me know what you think.
I am very excited that this is my 100th post. My first milestone as a blogger! It's been a lot of fun and I have lots more to talk about.

Now on to the post....................

I love the look displayed in all of these pictures. The look is very simple with the neutrals and whites through out, simple furnishings, different wood tones and well thought out accessories. They are not boring but elegant and simple.

I especially love the veranda with the french doors that lead from the home in picture five ( I wish for this look in my next house) and the subway tile back splash in the last picture ( this is also on my wish list for my next house).

I think I could move right in to this house, as is, though this is so my style and is a lot like the decor in my own home. We bought our home five years ago already built, and it was only a year old, so not prudent to make changes . But if we do make changes they will be simple, stainless appliances, french doors to lead to our patio, a light fixture or two, nothing major. I would love to have hardwood floors throughout, white subway tile in the bathrooms and a white kitchen with a big farm sink. One day, maybe one day.

Do you like this look?

What is your favorite interior style?


the images were found at http://1st-option.net/imagelib.php

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful clothes from eshakti.com

I found this new online store that sells these incredible clothes at incredible prices. The clothes are made to fit you. When you place your order, the site asks for measurements to insure the best fit. You can also have clothes custom made for a small fee. You can even change the sleeve, neckline or length of dress or top to suit you. If you see something you like but want to change the sleeve style, they will do that for you. The company believes that you should feel good in your clothes and will work with you to make your item perfect for you. And to top it off they ship all orders with in 3 days. The clothes are beautiful, feminine and have an Anthropologie look.

Take a look for your self at eshakti.com, but check out the pictures below for a few of my favorites.

I love the colors of these pieces, fresh greens and ocean blues. The embroidery detailing that are on most of these pieces looks very pretty too. All pieces are cotton or cotton/satin combination and a lot of the selections come in multiple colors. I haven't ordered any pieces but after looking over the website in detail, and reading the reviews, I wouldn't hesitate placing an order.

Peony Embroidered Cotton Satin Dress $59.95

Cotton Satin Surplus Dress $59.95

Graphic Block Print Dress $64.95

Southern Print Cotton Dress $49.95

Floral Applique Tank $49.95

Beaded Bib Front Top $49.95

Ruffle Circle Trim Tank $44.95

Flutter Sleeve Embroidered Yoke Top $44.95

Raw Edge Floral Applique Stripe Skirt $44.95

Floral Border Cotton Crinkle Skirt $49.95
Take a look and let me know what you think.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Totally confused............

Are you as confused as I am about what you should be eating? I grew up in a time where it was everything goes. Now that I am a mom I try to make good decisions for myself and my family. When I was a kid we didn't worry about pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, hormones in our meat and milk, high fructose corn syrup in virtually everything.

What are you supposed to do? Now with the new PBS movie, Food Inc., things are just crazy. If you haven't seen it, I have chosen at this point not too, it's about our food chain. Where things come from, how food makes it too our table, and what things are just plain bad for you.

Did you know that there is soy in just about everything you eat? And it's not good for you. Not in the processed form that it's in. If you eat soy it's supposed to be in it's natural form, soy beans, edamame. Thank goodness, I was so proud that my daughter eats edamame. It's good for her. Right? But, soy is in most processed foods. Even the seamingly healthy ones, like rice cakes and cereal bars.

In our house we try to eat a good balanced diet. We eat fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal (at least my daughter eats both), though I hear eating fruit and protein isn't good because of how it breaks down the protein. We eat whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, organic meats (mostly chicken we only eat red meat once a week or so) and milk. We eat yogurt for snacks, frozen yogurt (at home instead of ice cream), we don't eat sugary cereals, and I use whole wheat flour when baking. We don't eat chips and "snack-y" things, we eat very little processed foods, we limit our sweets and desserts and I look for things that have no high fructose corn syrup. I thought we were doing a pretty good job.

Now they are saying that the pesticides used on fruits and vegetables has been linked to ADHD in children. Really! I saw a report on the Today Show today, the medical expert said to limit quantities of fruits and vegetables that can not be peeled, such as berries, and to peel all other fruits such as apples and pears. All this time I thought the peel was the best part because of the fiber.

What are we supposed to eat? Really? All organic? And with today's grocery prices who can afford that? Even our local farmer's market, though the prices are great, the fruits and vegetables are not likely to be organic or "local" for that matter.

I am totally confused. Plus, add a peanut allergy in to the mix, I have to basically cut out all processed foods anyhow, but to add all of the limitations on fresh foods, what is a parent to do?

Thanks for letting me rant. I just left the grocery store and was feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated. I don't mean to put my head in the sand, but I can only do as much as I can do. I feel good about my decisions and we eat well. I'm sticking with that.

Have a GREAT Monday!!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010


It's an exciting time in our household as it is for many of you too. It's the end of the school year. There are only a few weeks left and my little girl will be "graduating" from Preschool. I'm super excited and sad at the same time. I'm thrilled that she will be moving on to kindergarten but sad that we will be leaving our school "home" behind. We have been friends with a group since she was a baby and have all gone to the same preschool together for 3 years. Next year will be full of opportunities. We will meet new people and make new friends but it will be hard to leave our old school behind.

To mark this momentous occasion I have found these books that would make great "graduation" gifts. I plan to get The Little Engine That Could for my daughter. It's a great story of going through life's peaks and valleys and teaches children to always believe in themselves.

by Serge Bloch
You've got your whole life ahead of you.
The road may be bumpy,
but at the end of the day
you'll see the light,
and you just might
find yourself on top of the world!

by Craig Dorfman
A book for all the stops in your life.
I knew you could and you knew it too.
That you'd come out on top
After all you've been through.
And from here you'll go further
And see brand new sights,
You'll face brand new hills
That rise to new heights.

Come along with The Little Engine That Could on a journey through life's peaks and valleys. The Little Engine That Could reminds children to always believe in themselves.

by Sandra Boynton
For new graduates, here is a profound insight, bold inspiration, and truly ensloxifying advice. Also an occasional hippo. No Wombats.

You're on your way.......moving up and moving on. Here's the book to remind you that....
When your kite is flying high, when your ducks are all in a row, when your soaring to the stars,
when you hit a bump in the road, get a bump on your head, keep on moving.

by Bernard Waber
There are so many kinds of courage. Awesome kinds. And everyday kinds. Still, courage is courage------whatever kind.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Peter H. Reynolds inspires readers to observe, to wonder, and to consider diverging from the well-worn path-----to follow their dreams.

And so the journey begins.......................

They are all so cute and fitting for this time in our little ones lives. They are also great for anytime, for any age. There's no better gift. It encourages reading while giving some inspiration along the way.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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