Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cardigan heaven.....

Now that it's warm outside it seems to be freezing inside. Everywhere I go I have take a sweater or even a light spring jacket to take off the chill. Why do "they" have to keep it so cold? I know that it sounds crazy, living in Florida, but I don't like air conditioning. Since I definitely won't be able to eliminate air conditioning I have found some cute cardigans that will help me look stylish and not like I am dressed for winter.

cooperative sailor cardigan
$48.00 Urban Outfitters

cooperative printed cardigan
$38.oo Urban Outfitters

april sweater

mariachi ensemble cardigan

Cattleya cardigan
$98.00 Anthropologie

ruffle collar cardigan
$26.50 Old Navy

roll up slub knit cardigan
$26.50 Old Navy

luxe terry zip cardigan
$44.95 J Crew

My favorite is the mariachi ensemble cardigan from Ruche, fitting since this is my new favorite place to shop (or internet window shop).


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