Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exciting Flea Market Find

This is the reason, ok one of the reasons, that I love flea market shopping. I also love finding things that are time worn and one of a kind, but this great find sums up my excitement about heading out to the flea market, saving money, re-using, and not buying knew all the time.

I found this great pillar holder for $5.00. It had a candle on it (that was probably not going to light again) and was marked $12.00. The vendor came over and told me she would take $10 for both. I told her I didn't need the candle, I had planned to offer her $8.00 but actually would have paid $10 and left the candle, she then told me she would take $5.00 for just the candle holder. I jumped at it.

Then, low and behold, yesterday I received my new Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, and on page 11, I see this picture.


I even checked it on line so I could zoom in and get a closer look.

It's mine.

It's the large diameter candle that is currently selling for $49.00.

That is a $45.00 savings!!!!!

I love it even that much more now!

Tomorrow is the flea market again and you can bet that I will be there!


Monday, January 30, 2012

J Crew - Look for Spring and Crew Cut dress

I saw this shirt and skirt paired together at a JCrew store. It was perfectly sweet and went so great together. I have a shirt like this one and am now waiting for the skirt to, maybe, hopefully, go on SALE! Love a Sale and, well, that is the only way I would be able to get this skirt.


I found this little dress for my little girl at Crew Cuts a few weeks ago on sale. I thought it would be perfectly sweet for Valentines Day or Easter or for parties. It was at a great price so I snatched it up. It's hard to find sweet little girl dresses for girls over the toddler age. Whenever I can I try to get them so that I can keep her looking like a little girl for as long as I can.

I don't like all of the sparkle, stretchy, sequin styles that a lot of places carry for a 6-7 year old or they look to little with turtles or flowers. This one fits the bill perfectly.

Have a great Monday!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday, Rain boots, Cape Cod Winter

It's Friday Yay! Hubby comes home today YAY YAY!!!

It's raining here. Not a fun Friday.

I wish I had a pair of these right now.

Love the sunny yellow color

To wear with this outfit.

Very classic!!

But I could be here....

Image via Cottage Coastal Facebook

Now I know that I am not one for the cold but this picture is breathtaking. I love images of the beach in any kind of weather. I have been so lucky to visit cape cod during winter and it as beautiful as this picture. I once dreamed of owning a little cafe near the beach in cape cod (that was before I visited) and this is what I always envisioned.

Other thoughts,
Did you hear the one where the dog ate the kids homework? Well, my dog ate a cake that I worked 5 hours on for a customer that was to be delivered today. Ok, not the whole cake,but the whole cake had to be remade. UGH! Thankfully a very kind customer that doesn't mind waiting for the new cake. Thank goodness it was for an event that is not until tomorrow.

(top two images via interest)

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Party Inspiration

I don't know about any one else, but I start planning my little girls birthday party pretty early. I'm not sure if it's because I only have one, or that I love planning, or I need the time to get it all together. I seem to start thinking of it right after Christmas. This year it was pretty early since my daughter declared what kind of party she wanted. Since she got her American Girl doll she decided that she wanted an American Girl party. Well, ok, that sounds cute, but not being one to want to do a "licensed" type of party I had to come up with a plan. My plan is.....

See if you can come up with it from the clues

Jasmine (the doll) is looking a little unkempt. Ooops. My daughter would not be happy with me right now. Maybe we can name her Francesca just for the party. Smile.

I am excited with this theme and is one I can run with. I found some of these cute things today and am excited for the planning process. I love party time.


Kat-n-Ty Designs

What a cute idea for those of you with little ones that are all about their American Girl dolls. We are new to the American Girl frenzy and my little one can't get enough. She goes where ever we go, has dinner and breakfast with us, and even needs hugs and kisses goodnight. It's sweet. I think this is the perfect little gift for your little lady and her American Girl doll.

I ordered the pink and green one for Valentines day for my little girl.

Too sweet.

You can find them here and all of the designs she offers.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for my What I Wore Wednesday post where I link up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy. Head over to her sight to get some great inspiration with lots of stylish ladies.

I keep doing this post because it really helps me to think about what I am wearing each day and how I am presenting myself. I like to look like I am putting in some effort in to my look each day and taking pictures has helped to do that.

Sweater - Old Navy
Shirt - Target
Skinny Jeans - Hilfiger - TJ Maxx
Shoes - TJ Maxx

Top - TJ Maxx
Jeans - TJ Maxx
Sandals - Target

In other random thoughts;
I miss my hubby when he is gone, Is it ok to have a glass of wine in the middle of the week?, the weather is beautiful and great time for flea markets, I would love a piece of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing, I think I have the cutest dog ever, I miss my old friends, can't wait to see Pinkalicious the musical with my little girl.

Have a great night.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Strawberry Heart Oreo Cookies

Need a fun Valentines Idea? Here is a cute one.

I found this idea from Pinterest today. So cute. I think I'll have to give them a try. And they should be easy as you use a box of Strawberry cake mix and cream cheese for the filling. So easy, yummy, and cute.

From Thirtyhandmadedays.com

Have a pink day.


Jason Wu for Target

Another great collaboration between Target and a hot designer. This new collection is by Jason Wu. Jason Wu is the designer to Michelle Obama and became famous when she wore his design to the Inauguration Ball. His looks seem to be classic and conservative with stripes and florals throughout the collection. Some great pieces to add to your wardrobe. The prices range from $20 - $60.00. Not bad.

The collection is set to launch February 5th.

If you didn't learn your lesson by the Missoni collection launch, get there early if you are interested as I am sure that there will be a rush by those that desire the designer looks.

These are a few of my favorite looks. I think my favorite is the second one, the little shift dress.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Storage Items

t's Monday and the start of a great week. I had a busy mom and daughter weekend it seems. We had two events on Saturday and then Sunday we went to see Beauty and The Beast. Loved that moment. My favorite Disney princess movie. I also managed to clean out my garage which brings me to this post.

Have you ever watched an episode of Hoarders, Buried Alive, on TLC? I watched one last night. Nightmares. I feel the need to purge. Just get rid of everything I don't use. I even just donated a truck full to a local school yard sale. Watching this show makes me feel like I still have too much stuff (and I tend to purge a lot).

Well, I probably don't need to go overboard so I thought I would share some of my favorite storage items. For me, everything has a place, if it doesn't fit, it goes.

Cereal Storage Container OXO Target

Glass Storage with Metal lid (great for bathroom accessories) Walmart

Storage boxes Ikea

Glass jar with lid Target

Glass Jar with Lid - Target

Wire storage container - Pottery Barn

Smith and Hawkens Basket with Chalk board Label - Target

Jewelry Storage - Urban Outfitters

Collapsible burlap baskets - Pottery barn

Expedit Storage Unit - Ikea

Storage Basket - fits Expedit - Ikea

I use all of these items. My favorite is my expedite storage units. I have two. One large one then one that i use as a console table with baskets for storage for my daughters toys. It's a great way to disguise the toys and still look like it's in a grown up space. I also love the Smith and Hawkens baskets from Target. The little chalk board label is great for identifying whats in side. All of the glass containers are great and I use them all over my home to store food items, bathroom items, hair ties, shells collected. Love them.

Happy Organizing.

Have a great week.


Happy Monday & Rope Bracelet DIY

Happy Monday. I did a little shopping today, tried to hit some Jason Wu but the Target closest to me didn't carry the line and when I hit the Target that was carrying it, there was nothing left. UGH! I didn't make it yesterday and was quite surprised that it did this well here. Oh well. I'm sort of relieved. I'm not sure the the line was my style but I'm sure I would have come home with something just because of the frenzy.

I did hit Old Navy and found some great nautical inspired items. It's already warm here and I am feeling a bit nautical already in the season. I was happy with my purchases and then I found this lovely bracelet. It will go perfectly with my new purchases. It might even dress up my striped tees, boyfriend jeans and beach-y new sweater. It looks easy to do too.

So nautical. I might even make one with a natural rope. So cute.

I found it here

I am definitely going to make this and am so excited. I just love anything nautical and this will be a perfect accessory for the spring.


Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday and Aurhaus Furniture

Yay! It's finally Friday. I don't know about you but it seems like it has been a long week. I am gearing up for the weekend. We have a busy one. A girl scout even all day on Saturday then a birthday party. Sunday we have plans to go and see Beauty and the Beast and lunch. Just a mom and daughter day (hubby will be out of town). Looking forward to some warm weather too.

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite furniture stores. Unfortunately, it is more for inspiration as there isn't one located near us. I think a few hours away is the closest. This great furniture store in Lexington, where I'm from. Each year, when we are visiting, we go and take a look, and thankfully, we aren't able to buy anything since it would cost a fortune to ship it home. I wish there was one closer but secretly I am happy that it's not, I think I might spend too much money. I love everything about it. The furniture, accessories, fabrics, styling. Love it all. It is completely my style.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorite things.

Love the neutral color palette and all of the textures!

Have a great Friday and fantastic weekend.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Farmers Market Finds

I went to our local farmers market this week. I hadn't been in quite a while and am so happy that I had taken a break. It was a ton of fun. Lot's of vendors, a country band playing, and the crowds were awesome. I love it during this time of the year. It's crowded and the energy is tons of fun.

These are the buys I came home with.....

Vintage Tray
LOVE this tray! It was originally marked $14 which I thought was a steal then the guy selling it said he would take $5. Uh, Sold! I knew exactly where it would go, one day. I am thinking of the remodel for my daughters room. It will be coastal in theme and I think this would look perfect sitting on her dresser. I'll have to put it away, or display, somewhere for the time being as we aren't planning on redecorating her room until next year. I may just have to push that up a bit. Is it smart to buy so early when you find something you love? I just know that I would have pined over it if I hadn't bought it.

Conch Shell
These are hard to come by and this vendor had a whole basket full and was selling them for $5.00. Again, WHAT? These shells are usually between $20 - $30 for this size. I should have bought more than one but only knew where the one was going to go. I'm trying to only buy what I need or if I have a specific plan for it.

I love the look of orchids, especially after Christmas. It's just a little bit of life that I need to brighten my home up after taking down the christmas decorations. Plus, they last longer than cut flowers and with any luck it will live and re-bloom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Here are a few things that I found interesting that i didn't buy

I love this sign. I don't know why, just found it humorous and fun for the day.

Purple glass. I have never seen so much of the same color and haven't seen any purple. It was all over today. Not sure why it was in such abundance. I thought it was pretty and came back to it a couple of times. I love these old bottles. It was pretty and Expensive too.

I'm not sure what this is. It looked cool and authentic. It was covered in rope with knots and a navy clock. Again I don't know exactly what it was and I didn't ask but it was marked $500. Yep $500. I wish I had asked.

I was told that this is a russian tea set. The vendor had the whole set. The bowls are used to drink the tea out of. It came with eight small bowls, some serving bowls and platters and the tea pot. I loved the color combination. Orange and teal is my favorite. I loved it but it wouldn't go with my decor at all. I see a lot of home styles in the blog world and thought it kind of had a glam look to it. It would be beautiful sitting on a tray on a console table in a home. Really lovely.

Great things this week and I can't wait for next week. I will plan my day better so that I can spend the day and really explore.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I am linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. This is where I post a few of my outfits for the week to hold myself accountable and to get dressed each day. I also love being able to look back for some inspiration on what to wear. It's a great journal. It's a way to see the hits and the misses. Sometimes I don't realize they are misses until months after.

I kind of actually love this look. It could not have been more comfortable. A little "fall-ish" for this time of year but, hey, it's cool here so I went for it. The boots are a bit heavy but they are new, super comfortable, not to mention warm!
Sweater - JCrew
Dress - Target
Jeans - TJ Maxx Hilfiger
Boots - Payless

Here is my inspiration from Pinterest for the above look.

Running errands
Shirt - Target
Stripe Tee - Target
Skinny Jeans - TJ Maxx Hilfiger
Shoes - had forever

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