Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I am linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. This is where I post a few of my outfits for the week to hold myself accountable and to get dressed each day. I also love being able to look back for some inspiration on what to wear. It's a great journal. It's a way to see the hits and the misses. Sometimes I don't realize they are misses until months after.

I kind of actually love this look. It could not have been more comfortable. A little "fall-ish" for this time of year but, hey, it's cool here so I went for it. The boots are a bit heavy but they are new, super comfortable, not to mention warm!
Sweater - JCrew
Dress - Target
Jeans - TJ Maxx Hilfiger
Boots - Payless

Here is my inspiration from Pinterest for the above look.

Running errands
Shirt - Target
Stripe Tee - Target
Skinny Jeans - TJ Maxx Hilfiger
Shoes - had forever


1 comment:

  1. Hi there! i love your second outfit. It's so simple, yet super cute. :)


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