Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday, Rain boots, Cape Cod Winter

It's Friday Yay! Hubby comes home today YAY YAY!!!

It's raining here. Not a fun Friday.

I wish I had a pair of these right now.

Love the sunny yellow color

To wear with this outfit.

Very classic!!

But I could be here....

Image via Cottage Coastal Facebook

Now I know that I am not one for the cold but this picture is breathtaking. I love images of the beach in any kind of weather. I have been so lucky to visit cape cod during winter and it as beautiful as this picture. I once dreamed of owning a little cafe near the beach in cape cod (that was before I visited) and this is what I always envisioned.

Other thoughts,
Did you hear the one where the dog ate the kids homework? Well, my dog ate a cake that I worked 5 hours on for a customer that was to be delivered today. Ok, not the whole cake,but the whole cake had to be remade. UGH! Thankfully a very kind customer that doesn't mind waiting for the new cake. Thank goodness it was for an event that is not until tomorrow.

(top two images via interest)

Have a great weekend.



  1. Okay, you so should have posted a picture of your dog eating the cake! I am sorry….that would be utterly frustrating! Was she put in the crate??

  2. Have a great weekend, Leslie! I always love when my hunny gets to come home. He is leaving today for his rotation on his new job; we will miss him, but loved having him home for the week. :)

    Them darn dogs.....somedays, I feel like shipping bailey out. So sorry about the cake, how frustrating, but thank goodness you could make another right away!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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