Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday & Rope Bracelet DIY

Happy Monday. I did a little shopping today, tried to hit some Jason Wu but the Target closest to me didn't carry the line and when I hit the Target that was carrying it, there was nothing left. UGH! I didn't make it yesterday and was quite surprised that it did this well here. Oh well. I'm sort of relieved. I'm not sure the the line was my style but I'm sure I would have come home with something just because of the frenzy.

I did hit Old Navy and found some great nautical inspired items. It's already warm here and I am feeling a bit nautical already in the season. I was happy with my purchases and then I found this lovely bracelet. It will go perfectly with my new purchases. It might even dress up my striped tees, boyfriend jeans and beach-y new sweater. It looks easy to do too.

So nautical. I might even make one with a natural rope. So cute.

I found it here

I am definitely going to make this and am so excited. I just love anything nautical and this will be a perfect accessory for the spring.


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