Friday, September 30, 2011

Some favorite things for Friday

Yummy Tomato Basil Soup via Everyday Occasions

These Cute Ceramic Owls from
West Elm Ceramic Owl

The classic look of this blouse Via Ann Taylor Loft

The sweetness of this picture
Candy apple and little girl via Tiny

The temperature is supposed to be dropping here to fall-ish like temps and I am SO excited!!! I hope to be spending the entire weekend outside and maybe enjoying a yummy candy apple like this little girl.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simply Lively - Etsy

Have you ever heard of Etsy? Now, I know most of you have but I have some readers that I have talked to that have not. Just wait until you see what you have been missing.

Well, it is an amazing site where people who have a craft can sell their product. You can find everything from food, clothing, jewelry, party goods, you name it. It is simply AWESOME! And if you haven't heard of it or haven't been to the site you MUST, you can find anything. And with Christmas on it's way it will be a great place to do some shopping.

I promise you will love it and become addicted.

Here is a store that I found on Etsy, Simply Lively, that sells adorable handmade bib necklaces.

These are two of my favorites.

How cute is that with a white t-shirts? It dresses it up just enough.

Can you say Christmas list?

Hello to my newest Followers And thank you for Following me. I really appreciate you and all of my readers and followers!!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi. It's Wednesday and that means it's time for my What I Wore Wednesday post.

If you are new to reading my blog here is what What I Wore Wednesday is. I take a picture of what I am wearing each day (some days) and post them on my blog. It helps to keep me accountable for how I am presenting myself and what I am wearing.

As a stay at home mom it is so easy to put on t-shirt and sweats or shorts and call it a day. I like clothes and to look nice and this is a great way to hold me to getting "dressed" each day.

I am linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy.

School is out, heading to the movies with my little lady ( was say Dolphin Tale and it was really good)
Top - TJ Maxx
Tank - Target
Jeans - TJ MAxx ( Hilfiger)
Flats - Old Navy

Saturday - running errands
T-Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Target
Shoes - TOMS's (gift - thanks laura. She gives great gifts. Look for a post of a gift she just gave me coming soon.)

Monday - Running Errands
Top - Loft
Jeans - Target
Necklace - Gift from hubby, authentic from Arizona
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Top - Target
Skirt - TJ Maxx - Max Studio
Sandals - Target

Flea Market Today ( I have some fun finds and can't wait to share them with you)
Top - Target
Hat - Anthropologie
Shorts - Kohl's (Yes it is still so hot we have to wear shorts here. Not the same looking at mums and sweating!)
Flops - Old Navy

There are some really cute dressers that link up with me so if you need some style inspiration head over to her blog to check out some great looks.

Don't forgot to scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn on my music. It can be pretty soothing to listen to.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Style With In Reach

I discovered this blog today and I love Caitlin's style. I really love this outfit. I like to pair classic tops with boyfriend jeans and this is right up my alley. The thing I love most about her style is that she also shops at affordable places, the top in this picture is from Old Navy and the blazer is from Urban Outfitters. Really cute.

I also really love the look of these mixed bracelets. I have a few vintage bangles like she has on so I just need a few bead bracelets and a vintage chain bracelet to complete the look. I'll be looking for some on my flea market visit tomorrow.

Have a great style day.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall has arrived

Look what I found at my grocery store!!!

You know Fall has arrived in Florida when you go to the grocery store and there are PUMPKINS.

I went to the store early Sunday morning and was so excited to see all of the Fall goodness.

We don't have changing leaves or cooler weather and the pumpkin patches are set up on the side of the road or on church lawns.

One visible indication that Fall has arrived is what we can find at the store.

Gourds, pumpkins, indian corn, wheatgrass, squash, cinnamon brooms, mums.

I love it all.

Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite time of year?

I couldn't leave the store without buying some of these little white pumpkins. I love to decorate inside with white pumpkins and they are hard to come by down here.

Happy Fall Y'all!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty Fall Decor and Happy Weekend

Just sharing a pretty image with you today that I found at

The artwork is great and can be purchased at Sugar Boo Designs.

I can see me sitting in this room. Guess I would need to add a chair though, smile!

Have a great weekend.


The First Day of Fall

Bring on the festivities!

If you are in Central Florida. I am taking orders for fall cookies, my calendar is filling up fast so get your order in early.

Have a great Friday.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rain boots and puddle hopping

Simply Sweet! Enough said.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What i Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. I do these posts so that I will stay accountable for how I look each day. I am a stay at home mom and I have a small at home business, so it's hard sometimes to get up and get dressed, linking up for What I Wore Wednesday makes me think about what I am going to wear each day. I would love to go around in cargo pants, but once I see them in pictures, off they go. These posts have made a difference when thinking about what I am going to wear.

tank - Target
Cardigan - Old Navy
Jeans - TJ Maxx (Hilfiger)
Shoes - Target
Wristlet purse - The Pleated Poppy

I love this purse.

Off to bake some cookies.

Have a great day and get inspired with your outfits. Check out Lindsay's blog here for some great inspiration.


Turquoise, Blue and Orange

Hi there. Well, here it is Wednesday and once again am wondering where the time went. I missed my posts earlier this week so I am posting a few today.

I love this color combination, it happens to be my favorite. I love orange for fall but like to throw a little ocean inspiration to my fall looks.

Add a few orange and white pumpkins and I'll be set for my fall decor.

pillow, throw, lampshade, knob, and rug all Anthropologie
girls dresses, luggage, doormat, and candle all Garnet Hill

Have a great day.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty Fall inspiration

I'll leave you for the weekend with pretty fall inspiration.

via Homegoods

Isn't this lovely?

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Accessories for Fall - beXessories

Ladies it's almost time for boot season and these accessories are going to be your new go to for fall, especially great for those of us that live in warmer climate states. I found these via They are flower and lace detailed wool socks to wear with boots. How Cute, Right? These will be great in place of tights when it's just too warm but you want to dress in fall fashion.

i think they are great and can't wait to order a pair. You can find them at beXessories on Etsy. The shop owner is Becci. Check out all of the other great accessories that she offers in her shop.


Halloween Decor

I just ordered this adorable door hanging for Halloween. I'm so excited. It's my favorite time of the year and I am so ready for it.

Take a look at Stacy's Facebook page at Preppy & Pink and her blog here . She also does great party planning.

I can't wait until it gets here.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi. It's Wednesday and that time again for What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy. If you are new to my blog, each Wednesday I post a picture, or two, of the outfits that I have worn through out the week. It helps to keep me accountable with how I dress so that I am not spending my days in sweat pants or shorts and tanks.

Sometimes it's a bit of a challenge, those sweat pants are so darn comfortable, but as I am usually running around I like to put a little bit of effort into what I am wearing.

Here are a few looks for this week.

Birthday dinner
Dress and Purse - local boutique at a 50% off sale
Shoes - Old Navy

Top - Anthropologie
Pants - TJ Maxx (old)
Sandals - Old Navy

Volunteering at school
Top - JCrew (ages old)
Jeans - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Gap (last year)

I am still waiting for cooler weather. Can't wait to add some layers and bring out some new things to wear.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Launched Today

Did you make it to Target today for the new Missoni line? Well, if you haven't, don't bother to go. Most stores are sold out. Yes SOLD OUT!!!

Ok. I think I have to admit that I am a Target-a-holic.

So, I went this morning to our local Target to look at the line. I didn't really know what I thought of it. I didn't really like the line in the commercials and felt that the patterns were a bit too busy. But, as things happen, kind of like at Disney, I got caught up. It's prettier in person. I wouldn't go head to toe Missoni, but a cute pair of flats with jeans and a white tee works for me.

Anyhow, when I got to our local Target the racks were looking a bit empty. There was, maybe, one to two items of each thing left. I picked up a sweater in my size, the last one, and thought I would just hang on to it while I shopped.

As I walked down a bit I saw these two shopping carts full of Missoni merchandise with a Target employee standing next to it. I also noticed a customer shopping in the vicinity. I asked the employee if she was putting the merchandising out, thinking that would explain the empty racks "they just hadn't gotten everything put out yet", but, oh no, the other customer was buying the two shopping carts full of merchandise.

So here is what I came away with
A dress, sweater, and shoes for me.
A tunic, skirt, and socks for my little lady.
And two mugs.
Birthday money!

When I got home today I just wanted to take a look see on Ebay to see what was up. The items are already being listed and for more than double what I paid. What is going on? If I decide the pattern is too much for me I think I can at least make a profit by selling on Ebay. Part of me even wishes that I had bought more just so that I could sell it.

I also did a Google search for "Missoni for Target" and found that the Target server crashed this morning due to the demand of shoppers and that stores across the country sold out by 9am. What a rude awakening for those that were going to go shopping on their lunch break!

It was fun today but how crazy!!

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