Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exciting Flea Market Find

This is the reason, ok one of the reasons, that I love flea market shopping. I also love finding things that are time worn and one of a kind, but this great find sums up my excitement about heading out to the flea market, saving money, re-using, and not buying knew all the time.

I found this great pillar holder for $5.00. It had a candle on it (that was probably not going to light again) and was marked $12.00. The vendor came over and told me she would take $10 for both. I told her I didn't need the candle, I had planned to offer her $8.00 but actually would have paid $10 and left the candle, she then told me she would take $5.00 for just the candle holder. I jumped at it.

Then, low and behold, yesterday I received my new Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, and on page 11, I see this picture.


I even checked it on line so I could zoom in and get a closer look.

It's mine.

It's the large diameter candle that is currently selling for $49.00.

That is a $45.00 savings!!!!!

I love it even that much more now!

Tomorrow is the flea market again and you can bet that I will be there!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, my goodness, what a great deal, girl! I LOVE that holder! How exciting! :)

    Have a great week


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