Thursday, May 13, 2010

This weeks flea market finds...

I found some great items and only bought a few things this week.

I found this strawberry vintage fabric which I think was a former table cloth. It was cut into large square pieces and is a durable canvas fabric. I bought it to use as decoration for my daughters farm theme birthday party. I found six pieces in varying sizes. After the party I think I might make a few pillows for our wood and canvas lounge chairs and I may make a tote bag. I think the print is adorable.

This box is an old "glove" box that came from France dated back to the 1920's. (or that is what the vendor said). I loved it for it's color, the worn look and it still has the ties attached. Not sure the authenticity but it is old and simply stunning.

Now to all the great things I DIDN'T buy. What was I thinking? Now that I am looking at these pictures. They were all in total probably $20.00. I wish I had a store so that I could buy all of these things I love, surround myself with them and sell them. Hmmm what an idea!?!?!?! I think I'm going back next week to see if I can remember where the booths for most of these items were. I need the boots in the bottom picture because I am kicking myself right now!

Great wood basket for only $3.00. The problem is I just bought one similar, though not as charming, at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I could have probably used two, but I haven't found a purpose for first one yet.

I love this fixture. It was in excellent condition. I thought it would be great painted white and hung in my breakfast nook. My only hesitation was that it didn't have an install kit, only a plug. I know my husband could have converted it and it would be great. I need to act quicker. I wonder though if hubby would have loved it as much as me. That is the dilemma sometimes. I want to make sure he enjoys our decor as much as I do. Anyhow, a great find.

This is a metal basket with a wood interior and wood trim. It was marked for $8.00. It looks great paired next to the following picture.....

Aren't these boots beautiful? BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color and the fact that they are a little worn. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a western or cowboy boot wearer normally. But, right now my mind is on farm and country while I'm planning my daughters 5TH birthday party. I probably normally wouldn't have given these a second glance, but since I'm in the farm theme mode they really pulled me in. Unfortunately they were only a size 5. The nice man at the booth kept trying to get me to try them on, I wear a size 7, it just wasn't going to work. Now I will be on a hunt for another pair. I'm sure I won't be able to beat the price on these at a mere $10.00 and he was willing to deal. UGH!!!!

I love our weekly Flea Market. See ya next week!


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