Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baskets baskets

I love baskets and use them everywhere in my home. Some are just used for decoration and others for storage. There is nothing better when it comes to storage. I use them to hold craft items, toys, to organize my closet, to hold towels, anything and everything.

This one sits out in my living room and holds toys that my daughter plays with the most.
These hold my daughters craft supplies and are stored in my laundry room.
This is an old vintage fishing basket that I found at a yard sale. I use it to hold wrapping paper. My dining room does double duty as my craft room so it's stylish and practical.
..this is just part of my collection
..this is another part of my collection

Baskets are one of my very favorite things. They can be used in any decor style, just pick the right kind of basket. There are so many varieties. I have tons more that I have in cabinets to use as storage for movies, wrapping and craft supplies, toiletry items, and in my pantry for food.

Simply a must have. They are so great for organization and for keeping things out of sight. It's a first step to an organized home.


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