Monday, April 2, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

We had a mostly beautiful weekend here. Lots of family time. We had an Easter party on Friday afternoon and then our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning.

It was wonderfully sweet.

This is my favorite event that my neighborhood puts on. It's sweet, age appropriate, and fun. Gives me that southern feel.

My little lady did a great job. She has in the past been somewhat meek at the egg hunting sport. She would look and point excited to see the eggs while another child swooped in and would take them. Last year, with my help, really just support, she got a meek 6 eggs. This year I vowed to let her do it, she's old enough I know. I do.

After only a few "go left" now "look right" my husband and I looked at each other and said we, ok I, have to stop and let her do it.

She scored 15 eggs. Way to go girlie!!!

The morning was full of crafts, games, face painting, egg hunting, Easter bunny visiting, animal petting...

...and yummy sugar treats (why not every once in a while).

Saturday evening we had a family Final Four party, set with yummy party food, blue attire, and lots of excitement.

My Kentucky Wildcats pulled it off and beat our rival the University of Louisville. T

he only thing better is if I had actually been there in person. The game was great and the excitement could not be beat!

Way to go cats!! We'll be cheering them on tonight to win the NCAA Championship!!!

Way to go CATS!!!
Have a great Monday.


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  1. YAY! Wildcats won! We just got home we went over to a friends and ofcourse here in OK we are all for Kansas but I was secretly cheering your team on!
    Changing the subject but is that a 31 purse in the picture of you and your little lady sitting in the grass? If so great minds think alike! Crazy!


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