Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting "it" together and Party Dress Magazine

I love this new online magazine/resource Party Dress Magazine. Beautiful ideas. It's a great place for party, event, even home decor ideas.

Check out these holiday styles. I love the last one with the winter sparkle.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by the creativity and organization of some of my friends. You know the type? The ones whose homes are perfectly decorated. Children are perfectly styled. Families are enjoying perfect events. I have come across a couple of those this week. I am in envy and wonder how do they do it? I sometimes feel the need to keep up. See, I don't have a "keep up with the Jones'" for things and status. But when I come across someone who has it "together" and seem to do it effortlessly I am in awe. These pictures bring on that desire. While Christmas planning and doing is just about over, I can look forward to my littles birthday party and I am going to use this site to get it "together".

Happy day!


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