Thursday, December 15, 2011

Greige Christmas

Beautiful images. Right? The tree is sparse but so pretty. I love the silver. Love it. And I especially like that the home doesn't have to be showered in the traditional red and green to look festive. I've tried the less is more approach this year. Eliminating a lot of our traditional Christmas decorations trading it out for a more natural feel. I added a driftwood shaped Christmas tree, some silver accents, starfish garland, frosty painted pinecones, and some glass accents.

I dream one day, though, that my home would photograph like this one does. I'll use this as inspiration and add a few coastal elements in there. Perfect!


This brings me to a topic that I have been pondering around Christmas time. I'm not sure how I feel about a themed, adult, tree. I wonder what to do with all of my daughters crafted christmas gifts. I love the idea of a simple elegant tree but don't want to leave her out. i try to keep my decorations simple, yet fun for her, but not sure what to do with those cute ornaments she has been bringing home since pre-school. Like the ones with the little handprints, the plastic ornaments with their sweet pictures on them, or those fun colorful ones made out of dough. Wish I had the room for two trees. Problem solved.


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