Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday and Sweet Holiday Treet

Our winter break starts today. Yay! My hubby is also off for the next two weeks! Yay again! We are setting off today to check out the Christmas Decorations at Mickey's house. As long as we have lived here I haven't seen the Christmas decorations at Magic Kingdom so I am really excited about that. Then the rest of the weekend and next week will be fun stuff. Wrapping presents, baking, crafting, watching Christmas movies, and sipping hot chocolate. I have to prepare early every year. This is great.

I know next week we will have time to make these sweet treasures.

These little gems are too "sweet". They are just too adorable and such an easy idea. I found these via Daisy's World here. They seem pretty easy to make, the recipe sounds delicious, yet they could be made even easier by using store bought whipped cream. I'm just saying!

I love a great little holiday dessert. They would be really pretty at a party on a dessert table.


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