Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Party Planning

I am planning my little lady's 6th birthday party. How did THAT happen?

I am copping out this year. I LOVE to plan a party. I do!! I love the planning, the details, the theme, the crafts, the EVERYTHING!!! What I don't love is having 10-15 little life's running through my, not really child proofed, house. Have I mentioned that it is hot here? Well, it's too hot for a party outside and I'm just not prepared to have my home trampled. Last year we had a nice outdoor farm themed party and after about 2 hours people, the kids, were begging to come inside. It took all of five minutes and my home was turned up side down.


We are planning a candy themed party at an adorable, vintage, candy shop! It's going to be adorable. The backdrop will be girly and fun. The activities are all taken care of. All we have to do is be there and well, of course, I'm baking the cake. I just couldn't pass that baton on.

If I were planning a party at home here are some things that I love

via One Charming

via Sew Craft

via darling

I love that they all look so great and not expensive to make.



  1. That's a creative idea at a candy shop. Where are you doing that at?

  2. We are having it at Sassafrass in Winter Park Florida. It's a sweet little shop and the perfect backdrop for a sweet party!


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