Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Star

I just watched last nights episode of Design Star. Did you watch it? Ok, so 10pm is a little late for me so I have to record and watch the next day. Let's just say that I am underwhelmed with the season premier but am hopeful that the excitement will increase. A couple of things I liked. I loved the idea of shopping in the asian store. I think some of the designers were able to use the items and make them feel contemporary and not at all as an asian decor. Some others missed the mark.

I Love using asian inspired things around my home. I love the dishes used in the bathroom to replace more expensive bathroom accessories, I love the lanterns for inexpensive light fixture and party decor, I love the baskets and use them all over my home. So many great ideas. World Market has a great selection of asian dish ware to use around your home. Think outside of the box and you'll create an interesting home.

Well....back to the show. Some of my early favorite designers are Tera Hampton - she had my favorite design in the white box challenge and I love her haircut, that might be in my future really soon; Nina Ferrer is another designer that I think has the talent though I think she was a little unethical in sabotaging her teammate in this first challenge; My third favorite is Courtland Bascon, I liked his room. I didn't feel he belonged in the bottom six. I think he handled the situation with Nina admirably, however I wish he had called her out. Check out to check out the designers and read their bio's. The show will be interesting and I think they have selected a great pool of designers to compete this year. I especially love that it is based in New York City. I am excited for up coming challenges and how they might use the city.

I'll be watching next week. It airs at 10pm Sunday nights. It is in the same time slot as "Cupcake Wars" on The Food Network. Another show that I record and watch later. I love the idea of opening a cupcake shop. WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP? Interior decorator, interior decor retail store owner, baker/bakery owner. It's unclear, so, for now, I blog!!!


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