Friday, June 18, 2010

For Dads with daughters

The Wonder Years

When you take her to the movies , be ready for her to bring along five or six of her favorite stuffed animals. When fathers 0f boys look at you strangely, act as if her behavior makes perfect sense.

Have tea parties with her. Nibble on what ever she puts in front of you. Tell her it's delicious.

Ask her about her day, every day. Share her wonder.

Write this down, girls cry. A lot.

Buy her a chemistry set.

Learn to read her moods. The day will come when she won't share everything with you.

Talk to her about what she wants to be when she grows up. Continually reinforce the idea that anything is possible.

The Mystery Years

Teach her not to be afraid of boys, but to be ready to challenge them.

Remind her that the most sacred thing between father and daughter is trust.

Don't put any more restrictions on her than you would a son at the same age and maturity level.

Teach her that there is nothing she can't accomplish.

Teach her to believe in true love, just not in middle school.

Help her discover what she is passionate about and help her pursue it.

Girls and Spirituality
Forgive her when she seeks forgiveness. This is the best way for her to learn to forgive others.

Teach her that sometimes God has other plans

Explain to her that God doesn't speak in code. She can figure out what He wants if she just stays in contact with Him.

Happy Father's Day to my husband and to all the wonderful fathers out there.


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