Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I usually post a picture of an outfit that I have worn during the week. This has been a tough week of travel, family emergency, and lack of wardrobe priority. So, instead, I am posting a picture of a look that I love.

Love this classic style! The stripes and denim shirt together, adorable.

I have a new dress that mirrors the silhouette of this dress though without the stripes. I think I can recreate the look though.
Love this dress, and how it is styled here, by Madewell. I really really really want it. But, really, do I need one more dress?

via pinterest

I also think I want my hair long. All of the pictures that I pin on Pinterest of fashion always tend to have someone with long locks. I think, one last time, that I want long hair. Hmmmm!


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