Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a Love Hate relationship with Target

I LOVE all of the cute things at Target but I HATE how I spend all of my money there.

How do they do that?

There are so many cute things right now......

They have their White Collection
Great Farm House Style Kitchen Wares
I love that they look collected over time.

They are carrying this Vintage line that is so popular right now
Very Cute and I love the bold red accent colors.

I love this basket for so many places in my home 
but would love it for my daughters room as a laundry basket.

These great accent pillows.
Love that Ikat Print especially.

And then you have the new The Shops at Target....
 The Webster of Miami

The Privet House 

The Candy Shop of San Francisco 

See what I mean?  It is a plot I think.  I must stay out of there right now.  I simply can't resist such cute things at such great prices.

If I must, I might just have to get the rope pouf and the drink dispenser from The Privet House .  But, those matching dresses are calling my name too.  How sweet for mothers day right  UGH!  See, somehow I just can not resist.  Just Must Stay Away!

I think I could write a blog about Target.  HMMM.  That would be constant inspiration huh?


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  1. I totally understand the HATE but the so much LOVE! Everytime I mean every single time I go into Target I will atleast ATLEAST I tell you $100. Never fails! BUT that is my place. When no one knows what to get me a Target gift card will always do!!!


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