Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

We had BEAUTIFUL weather here all weekend. It was Glorious!!!

We spent the entire weekend outside it seems, had to soak up all of that goodness.

I put up more fall and halloween decorations this weekend. I like to decorate simply for fall, pumpkins, mums, fall florals and such. I wasn't going to do much more then I though my little lady is only going to be little for a while and appreciate the cutesy decorations so we added a bit more.

I LOVE to decorate with white pumpkins. We have a coastal theme to our home and the white pumpkins are a sweet fall touch and go so well with our decor. And I pulled out a few decorations made by my little lady in preschool and in Daisy's. What's a life with children without their artwork around the home. Love it. Sweet and such a simple touch.

I am heading today to buy mums for my front porch and to our local pumpkin patch for white pumpkins. I heard they only got a few in. Eeeek! AndI get to enjoy lunch with my hubby.

On a side note, I want to send a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Ashley who delivered her baby triplets yesterday. I am so excited for her and the family and can't wait to meet those precious little angles.

Also, was happy to watch the conviction of Amanda Knox overturned yesterday. I didn't follow the story extremely closely but was aware of it and happy that she is free and is coming home.

Have a great day.


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