Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Organized - Purple Lemon Designs Etsy

Thanks for all of the feed back on my New Look. I'll keep you posted.

I am in organization mode. Today I am actually putting away my Christmas decorations. They have been sitting in my guest bed room for a week. Out of sight out of mind I guess but have company coming in this week so it's time to get things cleaned up, organized and put away.

On the organizing note I found these great label stamps. It's a customized return address stamp. I love these and am going to order my self one.

They are simple, cute, and a nice presentation on cards and letters that you mail out. A nice personal touch.

They also do calling cards,

These are great when you meet someone and want to exchange numbers, so quick and easy.

Personal Stamps

I love these, especially if I borrow a book, it helps me to remember who to return it to.
and Personal Stationary

These are great to use as thank you notes or to jut a simple note for a friend or family member.

Check out this great site on Etsy, Purple Lemon Designs.

Have a great Monday.


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