Monday, January 17, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday. Happy Martin Luther King Day.

I have been lagging a bit on posting and last week was no exception. I am going to do better.

The weekend.....Oh what a weekend. We had a bit of a home disaster, but not to worry, we have taken care of the issue and the house is on the mend. We also had out of town guests, which made for an interesting weekend around the house, but everyone rallied through and the weekend turned out ok.

One of the highlights from the weekend was a trip to an annual Antique and Flea Market extravaganza. It's called Renningers and is three days of FUN. Can I just say, for a brief moment, my home troubles had disappeared. Renningers is the largest Flea Market extravaganza in the South East. It offers two different fairs, one is an antiques and collectibles and the other is a farmers flea market. We only made it to the antique side. We went the first day, as that is the day for all of the great deals and the best finds, and we came home with a few great finds. I forget exactly how large it is, but to see it all you would need all three days. We were able to get through about a third of the entire fair.

In all of the excitement at home I forgot my camera so I apologize for the picture quality.

This is only a small corridor of the fair

These are frames made from antique ceiling tins. Some were left in their original patina while others were painted either this pretty turquoise, red or black.

This booth had thousands, I mean thousands of pieces of Fiesta Ware. I am a huge fan of Fiesta Ware. I have had a set for a long time and am saving it for my beach cottage one day

I just loved this airstream bus. It wasn't for sale but fit right in to the vintage feel of the fair

I just loved these wood boxes, wood and iron stools, so rustic, and these green glass jars.

Rustic pigs made out of reclaimed metal. Very cute and a fun flare to the fair.

Loved these old shutters

Here is our take............

I loved the look of these frames and had to have one....

I couldn't pass up the green glass jar and hope to fill it with large shells

and this blue wood bucket was another can't pass up item. Very rustic and perfect holding some of my favorite decorating magazines and catalogs.

I hope you had a great weekend. See ya back here tomorrow.


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