Monday, January 24, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend and pretty pictures

I find myself back home in Florida. Back to warmer weather. I was in Kentucky over the end of last week and the weekend to visit my 89 year old grandmother who is in the hospital. I am happy to say that she is out of danger for the moment. I am back in the hospital this time with my hubby. He is not ill but at a rather young age had to have hip replacement surgery. That's what a life of athletics will do to you. Not to worry, he is young and will recover nicely.

I am a bit low on inspiration right now but have some pretty pictures to share with you.

When I dream of my cottage by the sea....this is what I see.

I love that it doesn't scream beach-y, I love the turquoise french doors - so fresh, and I love the rustic feel of the whole place and that front porch, to die for!

All photos are by Graham Yelten Photography and are pictures of his home found on Two Ellie

Have a great Monday.


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