Thursday, January 6, 2011


No. Not the kind you drink.

It's nail polish. Scotch Naturals. This is a great new product. It's a non-toxic, eco friendly alternative to conventional solvent-based nail polish. It's a water based formula that conditions the nails. It contains none of the chemicals that other polishes have. Simply, it's good for you.

They offer 14 beautiful colors to choose from with cute names like Hot Toddy. My favorite color is Heather Blush as I like things simple, but like the darker colors and this blue hue for my toes.

Check them out at and go natural.

They also offer a line for the littles at
Hurry though, Hopscotch kids is offering a 25% discount and an upgrade to priority shipping. They offer 11 different colors, party packs and even sell an all natural based remover.

100% Clean Fun!!

Try a new product for the new year!


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