Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Design

I found these pictures on line, though I'm not sure where. Thought they were pretty. Love the simple and no fuss design. So easy on the eyes.

I love the hardwood floors and light walls. I also like the fact that there are no window treatments in the first picture. The architecture is so nice and window treatments would add unnecessary fuss and cover up the architecture. One of my favorite pictures is the last one, I adore the simple dining set pendant light and the firewood set in the fireplace though it appears to be an non-working fireplace. It adds texture.

My favorite picture though, is the next to last picture. I love the dark wood tone floors, dark wood tone dining table in the offset room and the dark sofa, offset by the white accessories and walls adding great contrast and interest.

I seem to migrate towards simple, white-ish (is that a design term) design in my research, it's kind of cottage/beachy/modern for me. Simple and chic. My own home has a slight bit more color but I decorate with darker wood tones and neutral upholstered furniture, light colored neutral walls and tile floors (living in Florida, tile is prominent, though I would love hardwood throughout), black and white photography, I use only white candles, and lot's of glass.

Simple style!


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