Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love street vendors

So as not to prolong the posts on my weekend in San Francisco, I will make a day of posts. So much to talk about though, I'll try not to bore you.

Lending to the eclectic feel were the street vendors. EVERYWHERE!! Most of the vendors were either artwork or bead jewelry makers. The beaded jewelry was pretty, but the pieces were bold and as much as I thought I wanted an item, as I tried them on, they just didn't click for me. So I passed.

I happened upon this booth, the last vendor we saw during our trip, good things come to those that wait. The jewelry has a vintage, eclectic vibe to it which I love, The jewelry maker makes her pieces out of old type writer keys, scrabble pieces and vintage coins.

The artists name is Linda La Touche of La Touche Designs. She has a store on Etsy @ Take a look at you'll like what you see.


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