Thursday, October 21, 2010

$2 Boots

Check out these boots. Okay, here is the back story. I saw these at the flea market in early spring. I saw them from across the isle and rushed over. I loved them at first sight. I asked the vendor what size, a 5 he said. Aw Man! He told me to try them on. I replied "I don't think so, I wear a size 7". I walked away extremely disappointed. They were only $8 Bucks!!! So yesterday I'm walking through the flea market on a very crowded day. I spot this pair of boots. I rushed right over, even excusing myself as I asked another patron to please pardon me. I grabbed the boots, checked the size and low and behold, they were, you guessed it a size 5! What are the odds. I told the man that I had seen the boots months ago and he said he remembered me. He told me he was tired of the boots and to make him an offer. I jokingly said "$2 dollars"! He said ok. Then I thought, what am I going to do with a pair of boots that are two sizes too small? So, I decided to stick my size 7 foot into the boots to see if maybe, just maybe, boot sizes run big. Not a chance my foot was a bit stuck. Then as I was trying to get my big foot out of the boots this lady comes by and says to the man "did you say those boots were $2 dollars". He said "yes, but she has dibs on them". The lady said that her granddaughter just started taking riding lessons. I almost said "here you go", but then thought about my daughter. I told him I would take them. By this time I had created quite a commotion with almost letting the boots go to someone else. I paid the $2 dollars and walked away with pride. I thought, one day my daughter will be able to wear them and until then, I will just display them somewhere. Aren't they fabulous! I am still on the hunt for a pair that is my size!

Here is my little lady trying them out. Today she loves them, she is only five. I hope by the time she can fit in to them she will still love them. But, hey, they were only $2 BUCKS!!!


  1. Hello,

    I am a size 5 and do you know how hard it is to find shoes that fit...hard. Can I buy them off you please? Love them honey.

    Amber xx (the bootless lady) hehe x

  2. Although your daughter looks fabulous in them, sorry got carried away and didn't finish reading the post. Oops! Still think they are fabulous though. Amber x

  3. Hi Amber, Boy do I wish I were a size five, I'm jealous. Sorry that I'm not selling them! I just have to keep them in the family. I figure they will hold up until my little lady is able to wear them. They are just too fabulous to part with.



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