Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

It's that time again, I'm linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. I look forward to checking out the blog and seeing what everyone is wearing. Great place to get ideas. Throw out the sweats, or tired old shorts, and put together an outfit. It's fun and it makes you feel good.

Schools out - running errands with my little one and lunch with my hubby
sweater - vintage - Etsy
Tshirt - Target
Jeans - Lucky Brand - Goodwill .98
Necklace - Target

Saturday - heading out with the family to a dinner show
Dress - Target
Jeans- Loft
Sandals - Payless
Bracelet - gift

Top - Kohl's
Pants - Banana Republic - thrifted
Shoes - Dillard's

dropping of at school and baking at home
Top - Anthropologie - a few years ago
Jeans - Loft
Sandals - can't remember

Top - Target
Pants - Ann Taylor
Shoes - I don't remember - at an Outlet in PA

My favorite place to shop is Anthropologie, since it's so far away (about an hour) and pretty expensive, I try to create the look for less. I shop at TJ Maxx, Target, and recently have started thrift shopping. I have a friend that has all of these cute clothes and every time I ask her where she got a cute top or dress, she inevitably would say "Goodwill". I went on a thrift shopping trip with her and other girl friends and couldn't believe the buys we found. I posted about it a few weeks ago. I found clothes from Banana Republic, The Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor. All items were around $3.50 except for the "clearance" items that were by the pound. Now don't get me wrong, you have to sort through quite a bit to find some treasures, but if you are diligent you can find some great deals. I had a friend, a few days ago, ask me where I bought a dress, she said she really liked it, (I forgot to take a picture of it), and I hesitated saying that I found it at the flea market. But, you know what, I decided that there is nothing wrong with finding something great and saving money. The hunt is so much fun.

Have a great fashion day.



  1. Love your style...and LOVE your hair! I would have mine cut like that in a heartbeat if I had thick enough hair...sadly I have to keep it pretty boring. Looking forward to browsing through your blog!

  2. i love your cute tops! i'm gonna have to try out my local goodwill!

  3. You my friend are adorable! I love your style!


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