Friday, February 4, 2011

Never grow up

In the busy of the day, I wonder, do I love her enough.....
I adore this little life and can not get enough of her......

I Love her more ways than I can count andI hope that she always feels my love.....
I watch her as she sleeps and wonder, do I love her enough. The days get so busy and when the days end, I haven't had the chance to play a game, or take her to ride her bike. Some days I am so tired I feel like am just going through the motions and wishing for the end of the day. For quiet. Then it's too quiet and I miss her.

Inevitably, I feel guilt and will go in one more time to kiss her on her sweet cheek and to absorb the joy that she brings to my life.
She is growing up way to fast and at times it's hard to bare.

I want the days to pass slower and for time to pause. I want this time to last forever!

This weekend is hers, baking, games, bike riding, the park, dancing..... all I can do to maybe create some memories!!
It's the little moments that count.


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