Monday, February 21, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday. Happy Presidents Day!! How are you spending the extra day off?

We have had a beautiful weekend, not to rub it in to those of you that might live other places. Sorry :)! So happy to be able to wear flip flops.

Scenes from my weekend.
I saw this craft idea on The Pleated Poppy Blog using your children's initial and thought it was a cute idea. I have lots of scrap fabrics laying around and it was a cute way to use some up.

I cut the fabric pieces small enough so that they would fit inside the lines. I had my little one glue all of the pieces on her own and create it herself. Simple. Fun. I am going to get a white frame with white mat to frame it. I love to frame some of her artwork and crafts. Makes them feel really special and it's cute!

I have a friend who framed their kids names and placed them outside their door. I thought that was a sweet idea to make each child's room so special (Thanks Jen). This is a quick and cute way to do that. You could do an initial for each child and frame outside of their room. Plus it makes cute artwork.

Enjoy your day!


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