Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little RED dress...

I am not usually drawn to red, but I love this little red dress. It's so chic. Simple. Classic. And just the perfect little dress for Valentines day. I love the little pocket detail and the cute belt. And I think it looks perfect paired with the cute stripe tote. I Love it!!

It's by Emerson Made and can be found on their site Emersonmade.com. While a bit pricey, I am thinking to buy only good quality pieces, timeless in style, that will last a long time. With that in mind it's worth the price.

If it's still too pricey for you, I found this cute dress at Target that is similar and gives the same classic look with a substantially lower price tag. It's a mere $39.99. You could change out the belt to give it a different look or leave as is. Really cute!

How about you, do you like to wear red?


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