Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy

It's Wednesday again! It's that time for me to share what I have been wearing. I'm linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy. Check out her cute blog.

I have decided that I have been buying too many close to help fulfill the What I Wore Wednesday challenge. Since I am such a bargain shopper I haven't spent a lot, however, I have so many clothes in my closet that I have to stop. How many tops can one person have? My plan is to wear as many things in my closet as I can with out buying anything new to post for What I Wore Wednesday. I am committing to my closet. That is after a great flea market purchase that I made today :).

Saturday night dinner with my family
Wrap - a hand made gift from my mother in law
T-shirt - Target
Skinny jeans - Target
Shoes - Dillards

Lunch with friends
Dress - Target
Sandals - Old Navy (I can say good bye to these, my dog decided today that they were her chew toy - bummer)

At home baking
Sweater - Gap
Pink ruffle tank - TJ Maxx last year
Tank - Target
Jeans - Gap Thrifted
Shoes - Dillards
The hair, all I can say is, it's growing out and when I'm baking I need it out of my eyes

Heading to the flea market
Hat- Anthropologie Great for a day when you don't feel like doing your hair and great for growing your hair out
T-shirt - Flea Market find
Jeans - Thrifted
Sandals - Old Navy

I went to the Flea and Farmers market today with my husband. I love having him home. It was a beautiful day for perusing through all of the great finds. I had a great day. I found a Theory sun dress for five dollars. It is the perfect sundress for sunny Florida days. Especially with a retail price tag of probably over $100.00. I was super excited to find it. The vendor originally was asking for $10.00 and I talked him down to $5.00. I wasn't sure if it would fit, but it does and it is super cute. Can't wait to share it with you.

Have a great Wednesday. See ya tomorrow.



  1. Cute as always!! WIWW has helped me a lot to look into my closet and put things together that I normally wouldn't.

  2. Love the brown Target dress!

  3. You are so cute! I love your target dress...and that hat!!! Super cute hat!

    Hope you are having a great week.


  4. You have such cute style! I know what you mean about needing to commit to your closet. My shopping (even though it's all on sale) was so bad that my husband would say, "Is that for What I Wore?" He didn't mind, but it was a good reminder that I was getting a little obsessed with buying clothes. I'm trying to work with what I've got, too. Love that hat!!!


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