Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Wow! It is already Wednesday! The week has flown by.

I am linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. A quick recap. I take a picture of what I am wearing and post it on her blog. Keeps me out of my sweats and accountable for how I look. So, How do I look? Sounds like that show! AH!!

I thought I took more pictures, bummer!

Top - Old Navy Love it! Bright, cheerful, daisies. Not something I would normally buy, but for $6.00 and Spring on my mind I thought it was cute
Jeans - Loft
Loafers - Old Navy

Necklace - My valentines gift from hubby by Lisa Leonard. I LOVE IT!!! It says, "You are loved". So simple and sweet! Thanks honey!

T-shirt - Kohl's
Sweater - Ann Taylor
Skinny Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Old

T-shirt - Forever 21. I would love to say the "86" was the year I was born, but I'm not fooling anyone. It is significant to me, however, and thought it was cute.
Jeans - Same skinny jeans

On a side note, there was a bat on my screened in patio last night! AGH!!!!! I was outside taking the dog out, the slider to the house was open, husband recovering from hip surgery. Me "honey, please close the door to the patio there is a bat on the patio". Husband "A WHAT???. Me "yeah a bat". I had to have him get up on his cane and close the door. Then I was stuck outside. The only thing to do was to open the patio door. I crouched down with the dog and hoped it did not fly in my hair.
Luckily it wanted out as bad as I wanted it out. CREEPY!!! Since my husband has been laid up I have chased a snake out of my garage, discarded a dead mole on my patio and released a bat flying on my screened patio. I think I am being tested.

Have a great Wednesday and don't for get to heck out Lindsay's cute blog,



  1. Love your daisies top!!! Had to laugh with your encounter with animals. Sounds like me when my husband goes out of town!!!

  2. I love the cute daisy top! My dog brought a dead mole up on the porch last week too. ICK!


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