Friday, November 18, 2011

A Giving Tree via The Handmade Home

I came across this on The Handmade Home
as I was reading some blogs and thought it was a fantastic idea.

We will be traveling for Thanksgiving and will be leaving next Wednesday so I am hopeful that we will have time to get to this before we leave. I think it is a great way for little ones to really appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving and to recognize what things they are truly grateful for.

I'll start here, I am grateful for all of my readers and followers. This little blog has given me countless hours of enjoyment and I am thankful that I started it, that I have readers who also enjoy it, and that I am still blogging.

This is a Free Downloadable. Get it today and start your giving tree. Just follow the link above for how to's.

Isn't it pretty?

Have a great weekend. I am off to a photography workshop. I am hoping to enhance my photography skills and post some better pictures. Wish me luck. I am also hoping to be able to put together my Giving Tree with my daughter before we head off for our Holiday to Arizona. Then we will be going to a local art fair. Lots to do this weekend.


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