Friday, November 4, 2011

insta-shots random pictures from the week

My little lady was dressed as a Samba dancer for halloween. Cute right? Well, someone told her she looked like the Chaquita Banana lady so we had to do damage control. She thought they were telling her she looked like a banana. Not something she would find a-peeling. So after a little convincing she was a happy girl again.

Hershey Chocolate Chips - I eat them like candy

My new concrete planters - aren't they great?

A nice view on my street

Brass deers found at the flea market - aren't these sweet. wouldn't these be cute for Christmas on a mantel?

Fall bounty - Mums the word

I'm thankful that pumpkins will still be around for a while.

Have a great weekend.


1 comment:

  1. Your little girl looks adorable!! Love the mums and the brass deers... so cute!!


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