Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Starfish Jewelry Design.com

Since I have started to do a little Christmas decorating, is it ok to have fall decorations AND Christmas decorations out?, I thought this post might be fitting. Starfish Jewelry Designs goes great with my starfish, beach themed Christmas decorating that I have started. I found this great driftwood Christmas tree with a starfish for the star, two glass Christmas trees with sand inside, and a great starfish garland, so you can see how this might be a fitting post for today.

I love this jewelry. I love stamped silver jewelry and this designer does a great job and the pieces are really reasonabe.

Ok, so I have been waiting to post about this site for a while now, waiting for Christmas to be a bit closer as it would be great idea for Christmas presents, and as I pulled up the site the website name has changed to LondonRied.com. It's the same great stuff, just not as fitting with my beachside Christmas decoration theme for this post. I have to say I was a bit smitten by the name of the site. Oh well. Take a look at the site for some great Christmas ideas. Really pretty.


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