Thursday, December 2, 2010 Daily Deals

Are you someone that has all of your shopping done early, or are you a procrastinator?
Have you signed up to receive's Daily Deals? It's a great thing. Each day they send you a deal of the day to your email address. It is only good for that day but the deals are great. Today's deal is a Lego Atlantis set for only $26.99. Regular price is $39.99. Plus, each item is offered with Free Shipping! Great deals! Check it out, it's sure to help with your shopping or at least give you some great ideas.

I thought I was going to get all of my shopping done this year before Thanksgiving. Well, I am done for my little one, but for the rest of our family and friends I haven't begun. What!!! I can't believe I am saying that. I HAVEN'T begun! I am not going to be a last minute shopper. I am depending on internet shopping this year. I have found myself so busy with baking that I can't make it to the mall, the only good mall is at least 20 minutes away and the best mall is about an hour. I will have to schedule a day to head to my favorite mall for some good old fashioned retail therapy and festive shopping. I, for one, love the hustle and bustle, the music playing, the shopping bags in tow, and finding some great deals.

Have a great shopping day!

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