Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things that I have been up to

I have a little baking business out of my home and I have been really busy!! YAY!! Here are a few pictures of some cookies I did for a customer. These were for a Christmas ornament bridal shower.

And each day I am trying to do something, fun and festive, to count down the days until Christmas with my little one. Here are a few of our little projects.

This advent calendar is from Happy Thought on Etsy. I just love it! It's a fun way to help us count down the days.
These are hand stamped ornaments on burlap. I had this little tree and thought it needed something. I love the texture and natural look that burlap has and thought this would add a simple element to the rest of our Christmas decor.

I still haven't started shopping aside from a few things on line. Having a lot of fun enjoying the season though!!

Have a great day.


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