Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flea Market love...

I went out to the flea market today. Whew, It was HOT!!! Hello Summer already! But I still had a great time. Didn't have any great finds, this week, though I did buy some great flowers at great prices and great fruit too. I saw some great things, but since the last time I got yelled at for taking pictures, I am just a bit leery. So no pictures to share of this weeks trip. I do have, however, some things I have bought in the past or saw that I want to share.

Beautiful orchids

This hand made bed is GORGEOUS. I don't know if it's original or reproduction. This is the man that wasn't too happy with my picture taking. He said I would probably try to copy his work, nah, just taking pictures for this little blog.

Love this tea set. My favorite color is orange. Didn't buy it and have looked for it since. Not meant to be.

I did buy these.......

Petty necklace of a southern belle for my little Southern Belle!

White candlesticks

Silver sail boat, great for my new storage unit and coastal theme

Blue, blown glass, orb -j ust thought it looked beach-y

Have a great day.


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