Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flea Market Challenge

Yesterday was our local flea market and it was my last hoorah before the end of school, it just gets too hot here in the summer.
I was very excited to be there, the weather was beautiful- a nice and cool morning.

I decided to challenge myself on this trip. I watch The Nate Berkus show and he has had a recurring guest who calls himself Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Great name right? He also writes a blog of the same name. He is a thrift-ing junky and has started an interior decorating business based on finding things at thrift stores and decorating on a budget. I thought to myself "I could so do that". So, yesterday I went on the hunt to find items to decorate a room with. Move over Goodwill Hunting......

Here are my finds......

These glass nesting tables are great. With a little paint on the metal framing they would be so nice.

I LOVED this painting. It's a bit hard to see it with the sun glare. I love the scale of it, the birds, and the colors.

This desk was gorgeous, and SOLD! It looks like it matches a piece I just bought. I love the character that the weathering gives it.

I love to find great lamps. I love the colors in this one. I would change out the shade but the base is perfect. And would look great sitting on those glass tables in a vignette with that great picture.

Now this last picture is a keeper, it came home with me and it was the deal of the day. I scored this 8 x 10 wool rug for $15.00. It needs a good cleaning but will be PERFECT for my dining room.

All of these things are great right? They would make a great room. Add to a neutral couch in a living room or an upholstered headboard in a bedroom.

All in all a good day and the total of all of these items were under $150.00! Now that is some great hunting.

Have a great day


p.s. I decided to take the music off of my blog. What do you think, do you like or despise music on blogs?

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