Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi everyone. Welcome to Wednesday and my What I Wore Wednesday post. I am linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy.

This week I only have one picture. Only one day that I actually dressed in an outfit. I have found that doing these posts have caused two things:

First, I am more aware that I am a jeans and top kind of girl. I'm not great with accessorizing. I often look at myself and feel over done when I have too many accessories.

Second, I want to shop more than I should. I now want to create outfits. My normal choices wouldn't warrant posting on the What I Wore Wednesday post. They are kind of same ole same ole.

I do feel better about myself when I put a bit more effort in to it, though it is tougher than I thought to get inspired everyday to put something together. Especially when you live in Florida, in a very laid back community, where shorts-tanks-and flip flops are a uniform worn by everyone. I often feel I'm trying too hard, but it's a personal decision right?
Top - Target
Jeans- Hillfiger skinnies
Shoes - Old Navy
Bracelet & Necklace - Thrift-ed today for a $1.00 each (I also bought a black bangle.)

And here is something I am debating on wearing. I am in a one piece kind of mode. Just not feeling a two piece this year, most days anyways. I found this really cute one piece, I love it actually, though on it makes me look a little curvy. A body type like Marilyn Monroe. I'm a bit petite, and not in as great of shape as I should be and I wonder if I look ok in this suit. I think it would look best on someone Tall and Thinner, but I bought a small and it fits. Should I just throw caution to the wind? I just love the look of it and wonder when you should stop worrying about how you look and just go for it! I am ok with how it looks in the mirror, but in pictures, hmmmm, curvy!!!

Here is a thought....I often wonder about age appropriate dressing. Do you feel that there are things that you shouldn't wear once you hit a certain age? Do you ever see someone that is a bit older wearing a trend that is too young?

Have a great Wednesday.



  1. LOVE that cute little swimsuit! I don't buy into the age thing. I think older women can follow with the current trends and do it well. I have friends who won't do the headband thing b/c they thing it is too "young" but I LOVE it! I do think some older women dress more immodestly to show off that they still "have it" and I don't care for that.

  2. Cute outfit, I love the top and of course the skinnies! :) I only had 2 outfits this week! The suit, I love, very cute, I could see you in it! :)

    I sometimes think that I should dress alittle different. I think sometimes I dress alittle to young for my age, but I like it. I think that when you feel good and as long as it fits you nicely, does it matter??? I turned 40 in Dec. and I really had a hard time with it, thinking I need to look appropriate or look my age, but I don't feel 40, so I guess as long as i don't look too ridiculous, I will wear what i like. :) Please tell me if I look ridiculous, okay!? :)
    Take care....Jodi


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