Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creative ways to organize

Hello Tuesday!
Hello Tropical Storm out in the Atlantic. Please stay out there and not on top of Central Florida. We have company coming this weekend.

How are you today?

I found these pictures on Wild Ruffle Blog and thought that they were not only pretty but so practical.

I love the little tart tins to put jewelry in. I think I will be looking for some of these at the flea market this week. This would look adorable in my bedside drawer. The table and drawer are dark wood so I think I will line the drawer with pretty paper and then put the tins in. Just that touch of vintage that I love.

And this picture, I know it's Martha Stewart but Come ON! How pretty is this. I want to create a space just so I can do this. I used to have a craft closet but made a craft cabinet instead. I think I may have to go back so I can display my ribbons so prettily. I also think the colored buttons in jars would be pretty in a little girls room to bring in color.

In this picture I love the galvanized bins. This look could be used in so many places, a kitchen, kids room, play room, mud room. Endless.

Have a great Tuesday.


p.s. I added music from playlist.com back to my site. It's at the bottom. I missed it and wanted it back on but this time you can choose to listen to it if you want to, it won't automatically come on. I think it's nice, but not everyone likes music on the blogs they read so I adjusted that.

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