Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekly Tribute to a White Interior

We are working our way to this look, clean, cool and soothing. We painted our two accent walls in our living room this weekend from green to gray blue. It makes a world of difference, now the wall disappears instead of being the first thing that you notice. I'll post pictures later.

I have realized through this blog, as I have done research, that I have found my true style. I went back through my posts on interiors and everything lends to this look. White, bright, cool and comfortable. We were almost there.

My husband and I started our relationship with entirely different tastes and now we are somewhere in the middle. The biggest difference right now is in our rugs. We bought a really nice one for our great room seven years ago, while I loved it then, I have moved past it but my husband thinks it should stay. It is the only real color in the room. I don't even mention it, it's a compromise.

Here are more rooms that I love. They are casual, cool and coastal.

I think this table scape is so pretty. And the pop of orange from the grapefruit just ads to the picture. This would be easy to do with two pretty dishtowels draped across the table in place of place mats.

I love how the bar cart is repurposed in the bathroom for storage. I would like to have one to use in my dining room. I have seen them at the flea market and hadn't known what to do with them but now I think, after seeing this picture, that I would love to have one.

While I have dark furniture in my bedroom I think the color of these walls would be PERFECT contrast and would be really pretty. I am on the hunt for some puffs/ottomans to recover in this stripe fabric and I would love to have some drapery to match that fabric. This is the perfect inspiration for the look I want for my bedroom. So calming!!!

Have a great day. Friday is almost here!!


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  1. You could get two small square tables, put a cushion or pillow on the top & slipcover it, for the same effect, at the end of your bed!


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