Monday, August 22, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

This weekend was our last weekend before the start of school. We tried to fit as much in as possible.

We went out for sushi for dinner on Friday. My daughter has been wanting to try sushi for some time but I wasn't sure what she could have. The obvious choice would be sushi with cooked shrimp but we hadn't exposed her to shrimp and shellfish since she has food allergies. We finally tried it out and now she loves shrimp so we had something she could try. She loved it and had so much fun using the chopsticks.

We went to the beach on Saturday for the morning and afternoon

Then we went to a little friends birthday party later that afternoon.

It was a rainbow themed party and was capped with a double rainbow at the end of the party as everyone was leaving. Pretty magical.

On Sunday my daughter and I did or annual stepping stone project. We started this last year. I thought it was a fun thing to do that we could do each year at the end of summer. Last year we did an imprint of my daughters hand print. This year we got a little more creative. It's just a fun way to cap off our summer.

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